CCTV IR Varifocal Cameras come with IR illuminators and a Varifocal Lens called an IR Varifocal Camera.

Varifocal Lens offers different focal lengths to cover the most frequently used angles of view. Changing the focal length allows the user to adjust coverage without moving the camera or changing the lens.

This lens allows the user/installer to manually adjust the camera’s field of view. Because of their adjustability, Varifocal lenses are great when a camera will serve more than one purpose or ensure proper focus without first determining an exact fixed lens focal length.

CCTV IR Varifocal Cameras are the most popular cameras in the world. CCTV IR Varifocal Cameras are widely used for many applications, as well as other surveillance needs. CCTV IR Varifocal Camera is one of the most valuable investments to safeguard life and property.

Color cameras that switch to black and white at night are coupled with IR illuminators for nighttime surveillance, making them suitable for both day and night viewing.