CCTV IR PTZ Camera with Pan, Tilt, Zoom and allow you to see in total darkness they switch to black and white at night and are coupled with IR illuminators for nighttime surveillance, making them suitable for both day and night viewing.

These Security Cameras are ideal for areas with no light or very little light. IR PTZ Camera Used For 24 Hours Day and Night Outdoor Surveillance. IR PTZ Cameras are designed for different weather conditions (weatherproof).

IR PTZ Cameras are controlled either by a remote control, Keyboard, or computer software. Support many features including Presets, Tours, and Patterns and these can be configured using a Speed Dome Keyboard (Controller) and the camera’s On Screen Display (OSD).

With the best IR and PTZ technology, it will ensure everything is tightly secured and monitored.

Problem: Finding the perfect surveillance camera for your business can be a frustrating task. The variety of features, prices, and brands available on the market make it difficult to narrow down what you need.

Agitate: Types range from simple IP cameras to the more advanced UHD IR PTZ dome cameras, giving you a range of options at different price points. But you need to know exactly where in the market of surveillance cameras you fit in order to find the right one for your requirements.

Solve: The CCTV IR PTZ Speed Dome Camera is a versatile and cost-effective surveillance camera that comes in a range of sizes and configurations. So whether you have a large warehouse or operate in a small office, there’s a solution for everyone.