CCTV Zoom Cameras have the ability to view a Person or Vehicle Number Plate at quite a distance (0ver 70m away). They have 22x or 23x Optical Zoom as well as 10-12x digital zoom.

These Security cameras have motorized Zoom Lenses which can be controlled from the switch on the rear or via a remote controller.

Zoom refers to an adjustable field of view. Cameras may have a manual zoom with a varifocal lens or remote zoom with a powered zoom lens. Some DVR video recorders also have the ability to change the monitoring field of view and zoom in or out on selected areas of a recorded video image.

Problem: Sometimes you need to see what’s happening on your property or who’s driving past it, but getting information in your home requires you to go through various options and manually zoom in on what you need. This takes time and effort, and not only that, it can be a risky affair if someone is watching.

Agitate: Keeping your property secure is not just about making sure people don’t trespass or break into private property, it also means making sure nothing illegal is going on. Zoom-enabled CCTV cameras provide a means of security that is easy to use and guarantees nothing goes unnoticed.

Solve: Keep an eye on Zoom-enabled CCTV cameras. Installed for high visibility areas, the cameras can view a person or vehicle in the CCTV camera’s field of view and automatically zoom in on it for you so that every detail doesn’t get.