CCTV Mobile DVR has been designed for environments where normal hard-disk-based DVRs are found to be unreliable and are ideal for vehicle applications. Mobile DVR can support TV, VGA, and USB 2.0. GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G, and SD card are optional.

Many Customers confuse mobile DVRs with regular DVRs, Though the functionality of a general-purpose DVR and a mobile DVR may be similar, it is not a case of “One type fits all”. A mobile DVR is specifically designed for vehicles, such as buses, armored cars, subway trains, etc.

A good quality mobile DVR can record for a continuous time without failure; it can withstand the frequent vibration and unstable power supply associated with vehicle factors which are fatal to a regular DVR.

The main difference between a regular DVR and a mobile DVR lies in the environments in which they are meant to be used. We give here five factors that define an appropriate mobile solution: Power Supply, Anti Vibration Mechanism, Dust Prevention, Heat Dissipation, Solid Interface, and Data Transmission.

CCTV Mobile DVR, CCTV Mobile Vehicle Surveillance DVR.