Flap Barrier fb1000
Flap barriers are physical security devices that are used to control access to restricted areas. They consist of a series of horizontal flaps that are mounted on a vertical track. When the barrier is in the open position, the flaps are stacked on top of each other and allow people to pass through. When the barrier is closed, the flaps are locked in place and prevent people from passing through. Flap barriers are typically found at the entrances of buildings, parking garages, and other secure areas. They can be controlled by security personnel or automated systems, such as electronic access control systems.

Flap Barriers – Overview

FB1000: Single Lane Flap Barrier

FB1011: Single Lane Flap Barrier with RFID Access Control System

FB1022: Single Lane Flap Barrier with Fingerprint and RFID Access Control System

FB1200: Double Wing Flap Barrier for Additional Lane

FB1211: Double Wing Flap Barrier for Additional Lane with RFID Access Control System

FB1222: Double Wing Flap Barrier for Additional Lane with Fingerprint and

RFID Access Control System

FB1000 is a single-lane flap barrier consisting of a master device and a slave device to form an entrance.

FB1200 is a double-wing flap barrier to be equipped with FB1000 to form

Flap Barriers are well adopted in entrances and exits of buildings or construction sites, to help track staff and visitors. Only authorized users are able to access specific areas through the flap barriers. Lights on the barriers to indicate the status of the flap barriers. Steady green lights indicate locked barriers. Blinking green lights indicate accessible barriers.

ZKTeco’s assembled access control system significantly reduces costs for business partners. RFID, fingerprint verification, face recognition, and vein verification technologies are available for options of flexible access control systems.


  • Electronic Anti-Pinch Function: Auto-suspension of door closure when a human is detected.
  • Direct Current Operation: Low failure rate to ensure stability and reliability
  • Alarm Function: Auto warning and alarming if unauthorized entry with swiping card occurs.
  • Flexible switching of reader panel to assemble various readers.