DFMD Machine, Door Frame Metal Detectors are devices that are used to detect the presence of metal objects on a person’s body. These detectors are typically used in high-security areas, such as airports, courthouses, and government buildings, to prevent the carrying of weapons or other prohibited items. They work by using electromagnetic fields to detect metal objects in a person’s clothing or on their body. The person being screened walks through the detector, and if a metal object is detected, an alarm sounds and the person may be searched for the object. Walk-through metal detectors can also be used in other settings such as schools, event venues, and other public places for security purposes.

Walk Through Metal Detector, Door Frame Metal Detector, DFMD

Walk Through Metal Detector


  • Eighteen mutual over-lapping detecting zones, Simultaneous alarm from multi-zones;
  • Sensitivity adjustable: Each zone has 256 sensitivity level, 0-255 adjustable
  • 5.7 inch LCD screen
  • Infrared remote control
  • Sound & LED alarm: Both Side LED indicator, easily show where the metal is.
  • Automatically count passengers and alarm times
  • Alarm strength indicator on control panel
  • Password protection, only the authorized person can operate.
  • Easy assembly: designed with only 2 pieces cables and 8 screws, simply-to-follow instruction.
  • Harmless to human body: is harmless with heart pacemaker, pregnant women, magnetic floppy, recording tapes, etc.
  • Using high density fireproof material
  • Program Self-diagnostic when power on,no need initial or periodic calibration
  • Modularization design,easy for maintenance and replacement.
  • 4-8 hours backup battery (Option)