CCTV PTZ Controller Keyboard allows you to control any standard PTZ speed dome camera. Zoom, Pan, Tilt or focus the camera easily with the push of a button or the joystick.

CCTV Keyboard Controllers can be used in a variety of applications. A barrel-type joystick provides precise pan and tilt control of fixed-speed and variable-speed receivers. Twisting the joystick clockwise or counterclockwise zooms the lens in or out.

Problem: The security industry is ever-growing, as threats are becoming more sophisticated and difficult to spot. Organizations are unable to monitor their premises 24/7, which leaves a security hole.

Agitate: This is where the importance of CCTV comes in – it helps you keep an eye on your property with its 24/7 surveillance even when you can’t be there.

Solve: The problem with CCTV is the cost and hassle of installation, maintenance, and upgrades. But not anymore! Our CCTV PTZ Controller Keyboard has been designed to help you easily and cost-effectively monitor your property around the clock from anywhere in the world. With our PTZ keyboard, you can control any standard PTZ speed dome camera for instant surveillance of your premises or a specific area.


  • Keyboard to Control
  • RS232, RS485 & Network Connections(Wi-Fi)
  • Four-Dimensional Joystick Control of PTZ Functions
  • Support 4K decoding live view
  • Support 4CH HDMI output
  • Support snapshot and recording to U-disk
  • Support Video-Wall display control
  • Support bidirectional talk
  • Preset Position, Auto Scan, Auto Pan, Auto Tour & Pattern Control
  • Auxiliary Functions, OSD, and operation guides Control