Fire Alarm Beam Detector – Optical Beam Detectors work on the principle of projecting a beam of light across a room, which is attenuated when smoke is present thus allowing an alarm to be given.

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There are two forms of beam detector: emitter and receiver separate (single path), requiring separate wiring both to the emitter and receiver, and reflective in which the emitter and receiver are mounted in the same box, and the beam is shone onto a reflective material at the far side of the room (dual path).

Since an optical beam detector senses smoke across the entire smoke plume, it tends to be less affected by smoke dilution as the ceiling height increases than point-type smoke detectors. In addition, a single beam detector can protect a large area; hence they are particularly suitable for protecting large high rooms such as sports arenas, warehouses, and shopping malls.

Beam detectors are more complex to install than ordinary point smoke detectors and it is advisable to consult an application guide for the use of projected beam smoke detectors before considering the use of these detectors.

Be safe and be protected from fire. Used in commercial buildings, warehouses, apartments, and more, this product is a cost-effective fire alarm. Safely protect your home and business with this optical beam detector that works on the principle of light attenuation through the smoke.

A fire alarm beam detector is a type of fire detection system that uses infrared beams to detect smoke or heat. These detectors are typically used in large open spaces, such as warehouses or shopping malls, where traditional smoke detectors may not be as effective.

One of the key benefits of using a fire alarm beam detector is its ability to detect smoke or heat at a long range. This is because the infrared beams can travel up to 100 feet, making it possible to detect fires that may be located far away from the actual detector. Additionally, the beams can be adjusted to cover a specific area, making it easy to target specific areas that may be at a higher risk of fire.

Another benefit of using a fire alarm beam detector is its ability to reduce false alarms. Traditional smoke detectors can often be triggered by dust or other particles in the air, which can lead to unnecessary evacuations and disruptions. However, fire alarm beam detectors are less likely to be triggered by these types of particles, as they are designed to only detect actual smoke or heat.

Installing a fire alarm beam detector is relatively straightforward and can be done by a professional. The detector itself is typically mounted on the ceiling and the infrared beams are directed toward the area that needs to be monitored. It’s important to ensure that the beams are not blocked by any objects in the area, as this could prevent the detector from working properly.

Overall, fire alarm beam detectors are a highly effective way to detect fires in large open spaces. They can detect smoke or heat at a long-range, reduce false alarms, and are easy to install. If you’re looking for efficient fire alarm systems for your commercial or industrial space, a fire alarm beam detector is definitely worth considering.