The HID R10 Reader 6100 is a Mullion Smart Card Reader manufactured by HID Global. It is a type of smart card reader that can read and write data from a smart card, typically used for access control or other secure identification applications. The R10 Reader 6100 is designed to fit in a standard single-gang electrical box and is available in both Wiegand and clock-and-data interface. It supports both 125 kHz proximity cards and 13.56 MHz smart cards, including iCLASS and MIFARE. It is also compatible with various card technologies such as HID Prox, Indala, EM4100, and more.

HID Smart Card Access Control is a type of access control system that uses smart card technology to grant or deny access to a building or area. Smart cards are plastic cards with embedded integrated circuits, which can store and process data. When a user presents a smart card to a reader, the card sends its unique identification number (ID) to the reader, which then sends the ID to the access control system for verification. If the ID is valid and the user has the proper clearance, the system will grant access.

Smart card access control systems are widely used in commercial, government, and military buildings, as well as in various other facilities that require secure access. HID Global provides a range of smart card readers and cards that are compatible with their access control systems. Additionally, HID smart card access control systems can be integrated with other building systems such as video surveillance and intrusion detection for a more comprehensive security solution.


  • iCLASS readers offer an open architecture design permitting compatibility with many of the most popular cards in the market
  • Format Portability – Upgrading is completely transparent since the same Prox format and user identification numbers are brought across to your future iCLASS credentials, including HID Corporate 1000 formats.
  • Secure -All RF data transmission between the card and reader is encrypted using secure algorithms. Additionally, security can be extended from the reader all the way to the Hi-O-enabled access control panel using encrypted Hi-O communication (Hi-O hardware option).
  • Interoperability – iCLASS is based on international ISO interoperability standards providing compatibility with many popular card technologies (ISO15693, ISO14443A, and ISO14443B).
  • Security 64-bit authentication keys are extremely secure. Readers and cards require matching keys to function.
  • Key management is made easy! All cards are shipped with unique diversified keys, and readers are shipped with compatible keys.
  • Elite Custom Keys Custom keys provide the highest level of security, where cards and readers are uniquely matched to individual sites or customers and are non-interchangeable.