Customer Pains: When people monitor CCTV video, they quickly lose attention and miss important clues.

Pain Relievers: Video analytics network camera software is able to deeply analyze video feeds, to a degree impossible for human eyes.

Customer Gains: They can watch a hundred cameras at once and see where no human could.

Gain Creators: Video Analytics allows us to identify, recognize gender, and count, the human/animal/object from a digital video.

Cctv video analytics solution that leverages AI and machine learning to provide real-time insights on activity detection, intrusion detection, people loitering, dwelling, people count, zone monitoring, fence jumping, camera tampering, face capture, object monitoring, and more. With our solution’s people-counting feature, you’ll never have to manually count again. It’ll also detect when unattended items are tampered with or removed so you can take appropriate action.

CCTV Video Analytics refers to the use of computer vision and machine learning techniques to analyze footage from closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras. This can include tasks such as object detection, tracking, and classification, as well as more advanced applications such as facial recognition and behavior analysis. The goal of CCTV Video Analytics is typical to improve security, surveillance, and monitoring capabilities, and to automate the process of detecting and responding to suspicious activity.

Video Analytics is the process of using surveillance cameras and facial recognition software to record and analyze video footage. It can be used to detect suspicious activity in a given environment, detect when objects enter or leave a space, or recognize people via facial recognition software. The purpose of these tools is to make surveillance more effective by providing data-driven insights.

Video analytics software works using both traditional methods, such as motion detection and behavioral pattern analysis, as well as newer deep learning algorithms. When used properly, these systems can make it easier for individuals or enterprises to monitor large areas in real time and respond quickly when necessary. They can also help with identifying security threats or criminal activities, making video analytics an important tool for law enforcement agencies worldwide.