Essl X990, Biometric Attendance System, Essl Time Attendance.
The Essl X990 Biometric Time Attendance Machine is a device used to record employee attendance by using biometric data, such as fingerprints or facial recognition. It typically includes features such as time and attendance tracking, scheduling, and reporting capabilities. This machine can be used in a variety of settings, including offices, factories, and schools to keep track of employee attendance and hours worked.

As companies continue to grow and evolve, managing employee attendance and hours worked has become increasingly important. One solution to this problem is the use of biometric time and attendance machines, such as the Essl X990.

The Essl X990 is a biometric time and attendance machine that uses fingerprint recognition technology to record employee attendance. This eliminates the need for traditional time cards or manual sign-in sheets and ensures that the recorded attendance is accurate and tamper-proof.

One of the key benefits of using a biometric time and attendance machine is the ability to easily track and manage employee attendance and hours worked. The X990 includes advanced scheduling and reporting capabilities, allowing managers to quickly and easily view attendance records, approve time off requests, and track employee hours worked.

In addition to its time and attendance tracking capabilities, the Essl X990 also includes a range of security features. The machine is equipped with a built-in camera that can be used to take pictures of employees as they sign in or out, ensuring that the correct employee is being recorded. Additionally, the X990 is designed to be tamper-proof, making it difficult for employees to cheat the system.

Another advantage of the Essl X990 is its ease of use. The machine is designed to be simple and user-friendly, allowing even non-technical employees to quickly and easily sign in and out. The device also has a sleek and modern design, making it a great addition to any office or workplace.

In conclusion, the Essl X990 Biometric Time Attendance Machine is a powerful and versatile solution for managing employee attendance and hours worked. With its advanced features and ease of use, it is a great choice for any company looking to improve its time and attendance tracking capabilities.

X990 Fingerprint Colour Display with USB and Battery Option.


  • Standalone fingerprint T&A System, IN and OUT status
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 10000
  • Transaction Capacity: 100000
  • Card Capacity: 10000
  • Fingerprint sensor: 500 DPI Optical sensor
  • Card Reader: Inbuilt proximity card reader (Optional Mifare, HID prox)
  • CPU: 32bit microprocessor
  • SDRAM : 128 MB Nand Flash
  • Flash: 256 MB Nand Flash
  • Kernel: 2.6
  • Display : 3″ Color TFT
  • Keypad: Yes
  • LED Indicator: Green/Red
  • Schedule Bell/Speaker: Mini Speaker
  • Power Supply: DC 12V — 1.5Amp
  • Operating Temperature: 0oC – 45oC
  • Operating Humidity: 20% – 80%
  • Dimension(in mm) : (L)210 x (W)157 x (H)40
  • Fingerprint sensor: 500 DPI Optical sensor
  • FAR : <=0.0001%
  • FRR : <=1%
  • Identification speed: <0.5 sec
  • Algorithm Ver: 10
  • TCP/IP, USB, (Optional: WiFi, GPRS)
  • Push data: Yes (support both static IP and domain server) Standard Features: work code, SMS, DLST, Self-service query, Status Switch
  • Wiegand: In & Out both 26 or 34-bit (With or without site code)
  • Relay: 12 V relay for lock EM lock, Bolt Lock, or Strike lock
  • Support Fire Alarm: Yes
  • Door Sensor: Yes
  • Anti Passback: Yes
  • Door Bell: Yes
  • Battery: Yes
  • Card readers : Mifare/HID Prox
  • Communication: WiFi/GPRS
  • Sensor : Mifare/HID Prox
  • eTimeTrackLite desktop & web
  • SDK for desktop applications
  • Web-based Device Management application using Push data. Helps developers & integrators
  • Supports 3rd Party Payroll/HRMS/ERP and Other applications
  • Time & Attendance, Canteen Management, School Attendance, Production Management, Gym & clubs.